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Our team is very pleased to welcome you at Batumi International Art-House Film Festival , as well as in our beautiful city of Batumi. To make your stay comfortable and interesting we suggest you to take a look at the links below that we have collected for you with all necessary  information. It will allow you to  better organize your stay in Batumi and keep more time for yourself and for the festival.


The colored dancing fountains, various tourist attractions, the variety of events, the bars, restaurants and beach make Batumi Boulevard the best place to rest and relax. Please visit for more info -  Batumi Boulevard site


“6th  May Park” one of the oldest public Park in Georgia, Dolphinarium , Dolphinarium and  Aquarium with various Black Sea fishes, Zoo Corner, Children attractions and more… See more info -


The map and information about all Places to visit in Batumi; Georgian, Russian and English audio guide available here


You have a time among film screenings?!  You want to take chance and visit some museums in Ajara?! Here you have all info  - Museum in Adjara region 


What is happening today? maybe there is an interesting event for you in our city, check it now:  Batumi Event Calendar 2012


No time to go out ? or maybe you want  preview and choose most interesting place for you? You can visit - Batumi city virtual tour


To spend free time with old and new friends please visit and  enjoy in nicely decorated and well located -  CafeRestaurants of  Batumi. 


Diplomatic Representatives in Batumi

At present there are the following diplomatic representatives in Batumi : General Consulate of the Republic of Turkey, Consulate of the Republic of Ukraine, Armenia consulate and  Honorary Consulate of Estonia. If  You want to find the adress and contact information related to the above mentioned Establishment, follow the link.


Money Exchange


The Georgian “Lari” is in circulation in the following notes: 200; 100; 50; 20; 10; 5; 2; 1. Coins – “tetri”: 1; 2; 5; 10; 20; 50. 100 tetris = 1 lari. There are numerous exchange posts in the region. Exchange of currency is also available at banks. Here you can find the address of all the banks in Batumi - Link


Currency exhange rates - can be compared currency rates of all the banks of Georgia and choose the best proposal for you and your pocket .


 For any interesting additional information feel free to contact  -  




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